Marble, Mining, Construction Import and Export Inc. is one of the leading companies in Turkey in terms of natural stone products (especially Beige Marbles, Brocatel, Dolomite, types of Travertine, Limestone products, and Onyx products) and in the industries of Quarry-Factory- Project Practice and International Export.

We started our career path as an exporting company within the framework ofour Principle of Service with Quality considering customer satisfaction in our both domestic and international projects. We as a company, went into the manufacturing sector on 1997 and have become a corporation making exports to 43countries all over the world with 3 factories, 6 separate kinds of raw material.

Marble is known famously as a reliable company in domestic and international markets with its continious service since 1997.

The headquarter of , Marble Tile Factory, Natural Stone Tumbled Travertine and Mosaic Factory and Slab Manifacturing Factory which has been equipped with latest devices provide quality services on an area of15.000 m2 outdoor and 7.500 m2 indoor zone in the Organized Industrial Zone in Afyonkarahisar.

Moreover, also in the Organized Industrial Zone of Afyonkarahisar, there’s a logistic warehouse of end products situated on a 2000 m2 of indoor zone.

The manufacturing capacity of has been increased to 350.000 m2 slab annually and tiles of 400.000 m2.Raw materials brought from different cities in Turkey have been converted to more than 60 different kinds of Natural Stones such as Marble Tiles, Natural Stone, Tumbled Travertine and Mosaic with different patterns and colors. And also, they can be converted to more than 600 kinds of specialty goods.

The organizations of which our company is a member:

The customers of knows what is “quality”